The Jewel

I had just spent most my morning in La Jolla, the Beverly Hills of San Diego, primarily window shopping for obvious reasons. It really is “the Jewel” from what I’ve seen so far on my trip. I did eat lunch on the patio of a yuppy little restaurant that was much more hip than their customer occupying a table for 2 overlooking the bay. I thought about enjoying the view from inside since it was cool but knew I would have to take off my sunglasses in order to avoid looking odd being indoors. The reality however, of me taking my sunglasses off, would have been more bizarre since I had just sampled a $700 wrinkle cream just before lunch. The beauty consultant had only applied cream to one eye and the left side of my forehead to show off its immediate results and for comparison’s sake. And that it did!!! I still can’t decide if I looked as if I had an acute case of Bell’s palsy on my untreated eye or if I seemed to be chronically winking on my left.

Anyway, outdoors in the sun, with my shades in place, I enjoyed a beautiful Caesar salad with grilled jumbo shrimp while doing my best to eavesdrop on my patio dwelling neighbors. They were ultra cool. Three young men, probably in their twenties, discussing how the perfect watch could finish the image they were searching for. I’m not sure which I found more interesting to consider leasing, their expensive watches or their women they talked about that, when hired, make their parties more fun. I’ve been told I’m fun to hang out with but I don’t think they were talking about the particular type of entertainment I can provide at a party. Considering I’m in California and the sad fact that prostitution has been going on for centuries, I found leasing watches more interesting for the moment.

After my lunch stomach was satisfied I decided to fill my desert one. After sampling approximately 7 types of gelato on those a precious little spoons, I settled for chocolate espresso paired with a small scoop of salted caramel! This little cup accompanied me as I meandered through several art galleries pretending to find the art as entertaining as the exorbitant price tags attached. Lets just say I tried not to laugh out loud because I didn’t want them to think I thought their art was funny. I truly don’t think I’ve ever had gelato so creamy and buttery and I have taste tested a number of frozen novelties in my day. While my actual knowledge about gelato vs. ice-cream is at a novice level, my taste buds in this arena are quite adept. Probably another reason I’m not considered the lease-able type.

By the time I got back to my hotel my left eye was almost capable of fully closing since its treatment and I was feeling fabulously relaxed and sleepy and thought about a short nap in the middle of the day. You know why? Because I’m on vacation, with no kids, and my husband is golfing, and I can. That’s why! It was going to be AB FAB U LOSO!

I had just removed my new earrings that I had purchased at Kohl’s to update my rural, capri-wearing, mother of three look and was snuggled in for a beautiful nap for no reason at all other than because I wanted to …..when Rick burst in the door from golfing.

I tried to pretend I was dead to give him the hint I wasn’t interested in talking. After a bit of conversing with himself, he said, “you know, a nap sounds like a great idea”. I wanted to jump up and yell, ” it IS a fabulous idea and it was MY fabulous idea, so it’s taken”! I didn’t however because we’re on vacation alone and I’m trying my best to be cordial even when I don’t want to.

After he had finished pushing every button on his phone at least twice, brushing and flossing his teeth, then organizing what sounded like a years worth of receipts, he got in bed beside me. The emotion of irritation is not conducive to sleep so I found myself wide awake waiting for the puffing to begin. Puffer

I gave up, found my shoes, and headed to the lobby to have a coffee and write you a little story.

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