Essential Oils

After a long day at work, hurriedly feeding the kids at Subway, and dropping Sophia off at dance, we sat, waiting on Rick to get off work, in the Wendy’s parking, our designated kid pass off spot, so I could get to my next event. We were going to have to wait a while so I decided to let the kids get unbuckled and run around in the back of the car. This is an extremely fun activity for Harrison and Haley, who can no longer agree on the same DVD to watch. I knew they would be entertained, fairly safe, and at low risk for breaking something, thus allowing me a few moments to mentally check out. I applied my peppermint and lavender oils to my temples and inner wrists which helps me better pretend that I have a secret force field separating the two front seats from the rest of the SUV, and began to enter my daily transactions into my GoodBudget App on my phone so I can better monitor my overspending. I look up to see a very nice, put together, disciplined man from my church approaching my passenger side door. I hoped he just wanted to wave… but he stopped. It was complete chaos in my car to everyone else but me and my essential oils. The kids were having so much fun they were almost sweating and definitely revved up beyond a simple verbal command to be quiet and get in their seats. He stopped and I rolled down my window. He did the glance down! The front seat and floor board were covered with shoes, basketball jerseys, dance equipment, hair brushes, and enough empty water bottles to think I was a recycling center. My very back-end was filled with white trash bags to go to Goodwill from our pre-Christmas clean out. My two youngest children were flopping and rolling and jumping all over the bags and we could barely talk over their wild state. I attempted to reprimand them a couple of times but they also knew they had a secret force field around them in front of my company. All I could do was imagine that his car was perfectly vacuumed, and his center console was meticulously organized with pen and paper and his favorite gum, always there right where he needed them. I knew that all his CDs were alphabetized, after of course being sub cagetoriezed into gernra, and in his Sun Visor CD holder at a fingertips reach… and there I was… containing my children with only the locks on my doors and the ability to daydream.

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