Snow Day

I was excited to be off work today on the kids’ first snow today. I did have a little paperwork to wrap up so I snuck off hoping to get it done in peace and quiet and in half the time… but I was found. Haley wanted to play restaurant. She was extremely accommodating and her service was so attentive it made me thankful that I have fully acknowledged that I am intolerant of more than one cup of coffee in the morning when I am alone with the kids. I was trying to concentrate, type, and give Haley the impression that I was enjoying her presence. If I didn’t answer quickly enough she raised her voice at me, “Coffee? Sugar? Cream? Pizza? Donut?” I was on the verge of losing it! I couldn’t bare to pretend to eat one more plastic food item and as soon as I “drank” my cup of “coffee”, in a motion that more closely resembled taking a shot of whiskey, she had another one ready for me! Like Elsa, my nerves were threatening and overwhelming me. I needed my gloves to suppress my “powers” and to hold in my emotions.

Just as I was finishing up with my paperwork and “8 cups of coffee, 3 donuts, fries, Pizza, and cookies” the doorbell rang. It was the UPS man with my new rug! The packaging of my rug entertained the kids for at least the next hour until I had to stop a Quidditch game that was getting out of hand. With Sophia’s help, Harrison had his very own Nimbus 2001. She also helped him draw Harry Potter’s signature zig zag scar above his right eye. He later had writing of some sort all over his entire face and I’m not really sure what that was all about but I got used to seeing it the rest of the day. I was completely desensitize until Rick came home that evening and exclaimed, “what the heck’s all over your face and did you not get out of your pajamas all day?”

We only had one major fight today. Harrison was adamant that he was truly a Jaguar and Sophia became highly irritated with this untruth. It was making her so mad that he wasn’t making the correct sounds that a Jaguar makes. She would say, “look mom, Jaguars don’t even do that”! Haley thought his behavior was awesome until he bit her new baby from Santa in the arm and shook her around like he was trying to snap her neck like a scene from National Geographic. It was pretty intense for a while. Sophia started yelling “Harrison help me find her gloves, mom needs her gloves! Can’t you tell she’s having a hard time controlling her “powers”!

After sitting for dinner, Rick said, “what’s this sticky note doing stuck to the side of the table?” While that wasn’t my Official To Do list, it was a note to myself that I wrote last night and stuck by the coffee pot, where it would be seen for sure. The note was to remind me that Harrison had snack duty today as well as the names of two people I needed to call. 0 for 3, but luck was on our side! Snow day save.
Later this week, after I actually buy a snack to send, I will put Harrison on the bus, managing 2 full Walmart bags, (in addition to his backpack, bulky coat, hat and gloves) filled with healthy snacks to keep on hand for any poor mother, excluding myself of course, who may possibly forget that their child was on duty. We totally had it covered the whole time. After some questioning I found out that it was Haley who was “helping” me and moved the note.

We had a great day. Actually a lot was accomplished. Not by me of course, we all know that Harrison and Sophia “do all the work around here!” It was time for bed and I contemplated the proper protocol for getting ready for bed when you’re still in pajamas from the night before. Do you get into clean pajamas? Surely you don’t wear your “clothes” to bed? Unable to decide what to do, I did what being indecisive does. I passively made a choice to do nothing, and therefore went to bed in my days’ “clothes” but not before leaving a note for Rick beside the coffee pot.
Rick: If you are up before me, please do NOT give Haley any more Fiber One bars. She has been eating too many and her broom sounded like a motor boat on its last leg during their Quidditch game today.
Love, your favorite wife.

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