Baby Steps


Well, this is how they said it was going to be. You can’t seem to hear me but I wanted to make sure. They said I’m to write in this little box and you will go to my blogspot and read. Now, from what I understand I don’t own this spot, Google does. Which is fine by me I really am not looking for another place or thing to take care of, this is why we don’t have a dog. They described this spot, where we both go but never see each other, like my house. Weeeiiirrrrd. The bank owns it but it is mine. I told them that was good because I wasn’t interested in a second mortgage. They said it was free and I like free stuff so I took it. I went on to tell them that I don’t feel comfortable when people are following me and they said that would be ok too. So right now I’m feeling pretty safe, so I’m going to continue.You see, until I started sharing some of my stories on FaceBook and people started telling me I should write a blog I had NEVER read one. I didn’t know if YOU were the blogger because you read blogs or if I was the blogger because I write them. I now know that I am the blogger and no one is going to blog on me or with me and I’m cool with that. Now as far as you being my followers, that could be considered blasphemy, so I will refer to you as my blogees. When you get to know me a little better you will better understand why I am unable to keep up with all the hip things going on around me. I did recently start eating kale however, because I heard that anybody who is anybody is eating the stuff.

I am the mother of three and wife of one. All of whom you will get to know well or better than you already do now.  This fact really scares my husband Rick I think but he is pleased that others are willing to listening to me go on and on and on. It takes some of the heat off of him and I guess he thinks that’s worth the risk. My given name is Susan Fay but I am most commonly referred to as “Mom”, “Mommy”, or “MOOOOOOOMMMMM”! I am however, most likely to quickly and consistently respond to “Susan”,”Good Lookin'”, or “Best Mom Ever”. My husband likes to call me SOOZ.

I was born and raised and still live in Lewisburg, WV, ranked #1 Coolest Small Town in America 2011  While a small town can’t offer all the things a larger city can, all the money and resources in the world couldn’t recreate the life I’ve had here. By reading my stories you soon will find out, my imagination fills in when my mind is run out. I make up words and my own punctuation but that’s how I roll and that’s how I like it. Parenting advice you take from me, is at your own risk so don’t cry to me. (I think I’m done rhyming for now)

I help Rick “pull the wagon” by working part-time as a Physical Therapist. There is not a full time housewife position available at our house at this time and if that position is ever available, I’m not sure I’d be hired or if I’d apply in the first place. I like my work and my kids love their sitter and ask to go to her house to play, especially when I am making them work.

Considering the average woman is 5’4″, 160#, and wears a size 14, I’d say I’m almost average other than being 5’6″. I love coffee, (but not decaf- that makes me angry), chocolate, cooking, naps, and Spring!!! I’m a terrible “getter upper” in the mornings and while I don’t really run late, I’m regularly, perfectly on time, without a minute to spare and complete many beauty rituals in the car. I struggles with impatience and anger at times but a person can only take so much breaking and taking of her personal belongings.  My house keeping is less than perfect but I’ve found that scheduling company or hosting a party improves my motivation.  I love spending time with my family, playing outside, doing arts and crafts, or just snuggling while watching a movie. Unless however, I’m just so sick of all of them that I feel like locking myself in the car and listening to the radio loudly-we all know the bathroom isn’t safe. Time spent with girlfriends reminds me of oil changes. They never happen often enough but I don’t need a sticker in the top left of my windshield to remind me I’m overdue.

I am blessed beyond measure … what I am. Gratefully walking in grace……. I am.


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