Naked At The Bus Stop

To all the working mom’s I know who “rock it” everyday and to all my stay at home friends who “bring it” one day after the next without a break, and to mommies like me who work part time who can feel guilty around the first group and feel as if we fall short compared to the second…we must laugh and laugh hard! It is just life and your best won’t be enough unless you decide it is.
I was later than my usual late getting into the shower this morning when Sophia, my 11 yr old, came in reporting that it was 7:19 and they were going to head out to the bus without me since the bus comes about 7:23. I jumped out of the shower and was truly out the door in less than two minutes with robe, flip flops, and wet hair in the middle of winter. Harrison, who recently turned 6, was still in the garage because he had decided he was going to extremely slowly shuffle his way to the bus stop probably 75 feet away…and it was raining. Surprisingly, it took less than the normal argument to get him to change his mind and pick up the speed a bit.
When Sophia saw me she said “Mom! Are you naked under there?!?!” I told her I wasn’t telling but the truth was all I had on was a thin coat of deodorant. I waved at the bus driver and told my male neighbor, who was waiting with his daughter, to have a good day and ran inside to finish hair and makeup. I had a patient who would be waiting on me at 8 o’clock.
Rick, my husband, was inside playing loud, spastic jazz music on his iPad while leisurely moving through his morning hygiene ritual. I love good jazz music but the kind I was hearing definitely didn’t fall into my “GOOD” category. It was the kind where all the musician sound like they’re playing a different song at the same time and having intermittent seizures. This helped raise my anxiety about getting to work on time but I bit my tongue not wanting to prove I can be difficult to live with. Hair and makeup done. I then dug through the laundry basket of clean clothes, I still hadn’t put away, to find one of the two pair of pants that I own that still seem to fit me. You see, I am a physical therapist who rarely works out and the protein shake I drink every morning doesn’t seem to be counteracting the Halloween candy and other goodies that bring me so much life satisfaction.
My 3 yr old Haley was still being nursed by the “boob tube” but was happy so I left her alone. I threw her clothes in a bag to take to the sitter’s house and told Rick to just throw some shoes on her and she would be fine! A morning here and there without getting her teeth or hair brushed wouldn’t kill her. Rick told me my pants looked nice on me as I left. This made me further question whether these pants too should be placed in the “too small for my butt” pile.
I made it to work by 8:59 on time! (yes, I haven’t changed the clock in my car) I put a little tape on the inside hem of my right pants leg that had gotten torn lose at some point in the morning and began performing vestibular rehabilitation and faking the lie that I have it all together.
This all could have been avoided if I had denied Haley her request to snuggle her a bit longer in bed or skipped my cherished coffee.  I’m learning however, it is just life and everyday we are given is truly a gift from God to be enjoyed.

2 thoughts on “Naked At The Bus Stop

  1. “Your best won’t be good enough unless you decide it is.” I love this! How true it is. As a mom, you never think you’re doing your kids justice. You never think your best is good enough and we worry about how they will turn out. At least I do. However, recently, I have decided I did my best and that is good enough. Your post is very funny and it has resonated with me. Thank you! I’m so pleased I found you on Blogging101.

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    1. While writing is an outlet for me I also see it as an opportunity to encourage other moms and dads on this journey of parenthood. Sometimes we have to laugh at our attempts at it. Enjoy checking your site out as well! Thanks for commenting! The interaction after a post is what I crave and enjoy. The connection.

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